CC TV Systems


Voice Cabling

Voice cabling is the wiring of a building which enables basic telecommunications systems including land-based phone lines, modems, or analog lines.

Internal CW1308 Cable

The following range of multipair internal telephone cables are manufactured in accordance with BT type CW1308.

Mounted Line Jack Unit-2U

Single Outlet Surface Mounted Line Jack Units. Supplied complete with Back Box and Fittings.

RJ45-LJU Phone Adaptors

Excel Tailed Voice Adaptors convert RJ45 sockets to LJU presentation to allow telephones and modems

RJ45-Inline Connectors

The Excel Category 5e through coupler is ideal for the extension of existing cabling installations.

Distribution Frame

Supplied as a dual distribution frame as standard the 108a frame has the capacity for up to 1380 pairs when using 10 pair termination strips..

Terminal Strips

Terminal Strips are used to join Multipair Telecom and Data Cables. They can be mounted in either 19" Sub Racks, in various sized Box Connections or Frames.

Line Jack Series3

Single Outlet Flush Mounted Line Jack Units. Supplied complete with fixings but without a back box..

Line Jack Series4

Twin Outlet Flush Mounted Line Jack Units. Supplied complete with fixings but without a back box.

Jumper Wire

CW1423 Jumper Wire is a Single Pair cable and is Insulated with an Irradiated Outer Sheath for use on Distribution Frames.

Split - R4 - Port

The SPLIT-R 100-824 consists of 2 units, the cab box and the desk box.

D Type Modular Adaptor

Excel D Type Adaptors are supplied unconfigured allowing on site termination as required

BT Plug to US Socket

Ideal for modem applications, this adaptor allows leads with RJ11 US style terminations to be connected to BT style telephone sockets.

External Grade Cable

The following range of cables are made up from conductors of solid plain copper insulated with cellular (foamed) polyethylene.

Connection Boxes 200series

The Excel 200 Series accepts standard 237A IDC Connection Strips.

Voice panel-RJ45

The Excel voice panel is a 1u panel which provides a cost effective method of terminating and presenting multipair voice cables.

Connection Boxes-500series

The Excel Series of Connection Boxes offer increased pair capacity while maintaining an industry standard footprint.