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Intelligent Systems LLC leading networking companies in oman. We become a reliable supplier of advanced technology systems in the field of building technology equipments, Fire, Security & IT sector in a very short span of time. The company is wholly owned by qualified entrepreneurial Omani Nationals who have proven track record in the similar business field.

Our Brands

Proud to produce some of the world’s leading brands.Our strategic brands are our primary growth drivers across our markets.

Intelsys networking company Oman

Intelsys networking company Oman is your one stop solution for all kinds of networking and IT related challenges ranging from installation of CCTV surveillance cameras, fire and intruder alarms at your residential/commercial space, to cabling and installation services for facilitating telecommunication systems for land phones, modems and other devices. We can install efficient audio and video intercoms to facilitate authorized access into your company, as well as mount gate barriers and automated garage doors which promise you a secure and protected home. We are truly dedicated to address the electronic security needs of our clients (business as well as individual) and strive to deliver customer-centric solutions to their problems.

Our company is one of the best networking companies in Oman. We also extend to you continued and seamless technical assistance and support at all times. We strive to offer you excellent customer care service so that we not only meet your expectations but also end up creating happy and loyal clients. We are also ambitious enough to assure you that we have the potential to become the best networking company in Oman, and we shall do so in a short span of time.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

With an addressable fire alarm system, each smoke or heat sensor and manual call point is coded with a unique address. The control panel is able to communicate with any of the addressable devices by using the address number to define which device it wishes to communicate with. When a detector or manual call point is triggered, the panel will indicate the specific device address that has been activated.

fire alarm systems are wired on loops rather than radial circuits which allow for audio visual warning devices such as sounders and beacons to be connected onto the same circuits as detectors and call points, which reduces installation costs. Most addressable systems now provide combined detectors, sounders and beacons in a single unit.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

A conventional fire alarm system requires a building to be divided into a number of areas called zones. The detectors and manual call points within each zone are wired on dedicated circuits. When a detector or manual call point is triggered, the panel identifies which circuit contains the triggered device and which zone the fire alarm has come from. It is then necessary to manually search the indicated zone to find the exact cause of the fire alarm.

A conventional
fire alarm system needs separate alarm circuits to signal a fire to the building users.

When designing a conventional system it is important to ensure that the panel has enough zone capacity for the size and complexity of the building and that the panel can support the intended sounder circuit wiring and loading.

Intruder alarms

Intruder alarms are the bedrock of CIA’s product range. In this section you'll find a wealth of information on residential and commercial alarms, advice on system design and wireless alarms, and what to do if you are moving premises or moving into one which already has a CIA burglar alarm.